The Renegade Virus is a collective dedicated to electronic music, art and organizing events in the New York City area. Most of the electronic music is geared towards a hard, dark and experimental sound.
Events are usually free and held in out of the way places, such as warehouses,, public parks, art galleries, squats and lofts. We are always seeking locations that allow us to express ourselves and also let a crowd have a good time for little or no money
Many in the collective have been inspired by the world wide network of traveling Free Tekno Sound Systems and local Raves of the past (much different than they are today). Some are involved just to share thier unique talents. Above all, our goals are to have fun and go forward with our music, art, and creativity. Greed, fame or being part of a corporate music industry is never a part of it.
Some inspirational words from the book - NO SYSTEM
"Peoples' lives are based around different things, ours are based around music.
We want freedom from static society. Freedom to create our own societies with our own rules. We are not rebelling against so much as living outside the system. Free music to anyone who wants it is what we give and we need nothing back but the space to roam. Tribal beats have surrounded our planet since the begining of time. Technology is our addition to this continual rythm. We exist now and in the future."
NO SYSTEM (freetekno documentary book) by Vinca Petersen - info here -
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