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Artist: foodstampz
ill be back

Meatsock is a questionable figure living between the shadowy shadow of two other shady cities in the moist nether-region of new england

Artist: TYRANT

Born & raised in Brooklyn NYC now residing in Oaklyn, CA. The Tyrant first started using FastTracker 2

Artist: DR. IVER

New Jersey-based artist Automaton's dark and hypnotic compositions combine dense, distorted layers of feedback manipulation, evolving, intricate rythms and unrelenting momentum.

Nakedslice's tracks combine crisp, intricate breakbeat programming and old school jungle stylings, all propelled by pounding hardcore kicks and interwoven with thoroughly absurd sample manipulations.

Artist: XYLENE
Xylene - is a NYC based visual Artist, Designer, DJ and Producer who's musical style ranges from hard techno, teknival style hardtek, hardcore and breakcore.

renegade virus
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